REALISE Project concludes Consultations in Eight Counties

    In Mid-September 2023, it became compellingly necessary for implementation activities of the Community Livelihood and Agriculture Support (CLAS) component of the Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment (REALISE) project to spur. CLAS covers eight of Liberia’s fifteen counties with agriculture and community support activities as its core mission.

    In efforts to conduct Consultations in the eight implementation counties with local officials, the project setup three groups to simultaneously carry out the county consultations different in locations. Project Coordinator Jesse Bengu and Anita Marshall took on Lofa, Gabrpolu and Cape Mount Counties, while Jerry Godu, Abu Sanda and Denise Gardiner went to Grand Gendeh,  Sinoe and Bomi Counties. And Shadrach Gbokie, Jutomue Flomo and Henry Sumo covered Bong and Nimba Counties. These consultations served as the gateway for implementation activities, deriving project implementation localities at the district levels, and settling on the number of rounds.  

    In a brief meeting with team members before departure for the field, project Coordinator Jesse Bengu urged the staff to remain focused on the tasks ahead, and make most out of every opportunity. “ This is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves as a project Management Team, and I want you to make the most out of whatever comes your way. We must get the job done” Mr. Bengu noted.

    In each of the counties, the Superintendent or a designee is required to make a statement of launch, making it official that the Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment (REALISE) Project is now functional in that location. The launching statement is preceded by a decision on the districts in which the activity would take place in the county.

    In Bong County, it was agreed during the consultation that round one will cover  Kokoyah Statutory district, Kpaai, and Jorquelleh districts. In round two, Panta, Zoeta, Suakoko and Yeallequelleh districts will be covered and round three implementations will take place in Salala, Fuama and Sarnoyeah districts respectively.

    In Bomi, Sinoe and Grand Gedeh Counties the project will cover one district each for a round. And it was agreed that only two rounds will take place in each of these counties (Bomi, Sinoe and Grand Gedeh). 

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